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Enterprise Networking


This service provides the client a complete solution for his large Enterprise network, and this will pass through a complete product cycle from planning the network through implementing, operating and testing.

This service includes:

  • Arranging a complete study for the Enterprise current situation and giving the suitable suggestions to computerize the hole working process, then designing a suitable network solution to cover the all enterprise offices.

  • Designing and implementing the core network for the suggested solution which includes the datacenters Core networks and the network backbones...

  • Designing and implementing a backup solution for the whole network and for the core components to match the needs of the client’s fault tolerance strategy.

  • Designing and implementing a security plan to protect your network from any attack from outside or inside the enterprise.

  • Performing the cabling needed for the network using the best materials in the market and by fully qualified team who has a wide experience in such projects.

  • Supplying the network component and devices and implementing the configuration needed to make the network match the looking plan.

  • Installing and configuring a monitoring system and connecting it to an alarming system to give the client a fully look for the whole network anytime he wants ,and supplying him with a full log for the all process worked on his network and supplying a useful feedback to prevent any harm from occuring to his components.





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